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Rustic Pillar set of 3 Yellow

Rustic Pillar set of 3 Yellow
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Part Number:  yellow-rustic-pillar-set

Set of 3 Bolsius Rustic Pillar Candles in Yellow

High quality, low smoke and drip free pillar candles with a popular rustic appearance and solid colour all the way through. 

They have bright flames, easy to relight wicks and are very popular due to their long burning times. 

A stylish decoration perfect for creating warm and inviting atmosphere in every interior.

Also available in other colours.


68mm Diameter x 190mm Tall - Burn time 65 hours
68mm Diameter x 130mm Tall - Burn time 43 hours
68mm Diameter x 80mm Tall - Burn time 30 hours

Glass Mirror Plate optional